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TetraSOD®, to maintain a healthy ageing and improve sports performance


You know that when it comes to improving as a runner there are no secrets: You have to train well, rest better, feed in a healthy and balanced way!, But what you probably don’t know is how TetraSOD® can help you in this entire process ? I´ll tell you, watch out! I take it for granted that all of us who practice sports and take care of our health are clearly aware of the importance of eating properly. We try to feed ourselves the best we can and we know, following the recommendations that nutritionists guide us, such as prioritizing foods with vegetable protein, consuming healthy substances such as fruits or vegetables (rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or fiber) or following a healthy diet, varied and balanced.

What is clear is that, being athletes, we are the ones who must take into account those foods with antioxidant effects due to the large amount of free radicals and oxidizing substances produced after the performance of an intense sports activity. Free radicals increase as a result of respiration, food metabolism, and shoot up in proportion to the level and duration of the effort. The inflammatory response also triggers in proportion to the amount and intensity of the impacts that our feet make on the ground during the foot race.

Therefore, as athletes, we demand antioxidant products of natural origin that, as a curiosity, at least to date, most of them came from terrestrial plant extracts. At present, however, those obtained from microalgae, a source of health unknown to date for most runners, are gaining more and more attention, because of its nutritional and recovery value.

How can TetraSOD® help you in your sports performance?

TetraSOD® is a natural supplement from Tetraselmis chuii microalgae, which is capable of activating the internal antioxidant defences to fight against oxidizing effects and inflammatory response that the tissues suffer after performing a long running run, from a series training or a competition.

TetraSOD® is a new source of potent antioxidants, that provides up to 30 times more activity of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) than other products on the market, the main protector of cells against harmful reactions and cell ageing.

The consumption of TetraSOD® as food supplement by athletes for 1 month, in addition to the protective and preventive effects, achieved greater increases in haemoglobin and O2 consumption compared to the effects obtained with high-altitude or high intensity training for three months.

Thus, if you take 1 capsule a day of TetraSOD®, in addition to taking advantage of its powerful antioxidant effects, you will be able to stop the inflammatory response, delay fatigue and combat oxidative stress which causes ageing.

Welcome to the TetraSOD® Community, I recommend you try it for a few weeks and see by yourself its effects …


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